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Unsolved mysteries

mys·te·ry     ˈmɪst(ə)ri
1. something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain.
2. a novel, play, or film dealing with a puzzling crime, especially a murder.

Unsolved Mysteries and crimes. Cold Cases and Missing People. Everyone loves mysteries - it is a safe thrill, like roller coasters when you were a kid; And a safe adventure, as well.

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The notorious case of Adam Walsh: Did police get the wrong killer and even the wrong victim?

The Notorious Case of Adam Walsh: Did Police Get the Wrong Killer and Even the Wrong Victim?

  • Adam Walsh disappeared from the video games in a shopping mall Sears store in Hollywood, Florida on July 27, 1981.
  • Adam’s kidnapping and murder prompted the U.S. Congress to pass the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act.
  • The murder case different from all other murder cases? There’s never an issue at trial as to the identity of a victim.
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Haunting polaroid photo of kidnapped children found on asphalt

Haunting Polaroid Photo of Kidnapped Children Found on Asphalt

On June 15, 1989, a woman in Port St. Joe, Florida pulled off Route 98 into the parking lot of a Junior Food Store. She found what appeared to be a polaroid photo lying face down on the asphalt. When she picked polaroid and turned it over, the picture she …

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