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Unsolved mysteries

mys·te·ry     ˈmɪst(ə)ri
1. something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain.
2. a novel, play, or film dealing with a puzzling crime, especially a murder.

Unsolved Mysteries and crimes. Cold Cases and Missing People. Everyone loves mysteries - it is a safe thrill, like roller coasters when you were a kid; And a safe adventure, as well.

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Morbidly Hot
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The haunting and unexplained Disappearance of 14-year-old Andrew Gosden

The Haunting and Unexplained Disappearance of 14-Year-Old Andrew Gosden

  • In 2007, Andrew Gosden, who was described by teachers as both a math and computer genius, disappeared after leaving his home Doncaster, UK.
  • Andrew was last seen in the King’s Cross train station in London, having bought a single ticket even though a return ticket would have only cost 50p more.
Unsolved mysteries, Crime
The Boys on The Train Tracks

The Boys on the Train Tracks

16-year-old Don Henry and a year older Kevin Ives were best mates. They went to high school and did everything together. In the early hours of August 23rd, 1987, they also died together. The driver of a 6000-ton cargo train noticed two bodies lying side by side, in straight lines, on the tracks. He honked, but it was impossible to stop the train this late. After running them over, the weight of the heavy train carried it for another mile, despite the emergency stop.

What looked like a horrible tragedy turned out to be a haunting mystery.

Unsolved mysteries, Crime
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