Timothy and Amie: Final cries of couple killed by Bear

Timothy and Amie: Final Cries of Couple Killed by Bear

  • Timothy Treadwell formed mutual bonds between the wild creatures and spent the majority of his waking hours playing and observing the large wild beasts.
  • The chilling final moments of Timothy and his girlfriend were captured on tape as they were mauled to death by a brown bear.

Timothy Treadwell always had a natural curiosity and interest in animals. Ever since he was a young boy growing up in Long Island, New York, he adored all types of animals and kept wildlife creatures as personal pets. Treadwell's teen and young adult years were full of disappointments. He was a struggling actor and eventually turned to alcoholism and drug addiction when he lost the role of Woody Boyd to actor Woody Harrleson in the popular show Cheers.

Treadwell eventually gave up on trying to make a living by acting. He began to really figure out what his true calling in life was when he traveled to Alaska with a friend. While in Alaska, Treadwell spent time watching wild bears. It was then that he realized his passion was to spend as much time as he could studying and getting to know a variety of different bear species. Many would say that he quickly became obsessed with bears. Treadwell has even claimed that his love for bears was truly the one and only thing that helped him kick his alcohol and drug addictions.

Timothy Treadwell

While Treadwell's obsession with bears seemed to be bizarre, he began to form mutual bonds between the wild creatures and spent the majority of his waking hours playing, touching, and observing the large wild beasts in several different areas of the world, including the Katmai Coast and Kaflia Bay. He would spend hours taping and photographing bears in their natural habitat.

Because his love for bears was so rare, he began to receive tons of national media attention. Treadwell appeared on the Late Show with David Lettermen, Dateline NBC, and even had his very own television specials on the Discovery Channel. Treadwell wrote a number of different books, but he is most known for his self- published work titled Among Grizzlies. Treadwell even had his own organization that focused on putting a stop to the poaching of bears. As you can see, Treadwell literally lived for bears and everything he did seemed to revolve around the bear species.

In October, 2003, Treadwell and his girlfriend Amie Huguenard traveled to Katami National Park. This would unfortunately be Treadwell's last bear expedition. While in Katami National Park with his girlfriend, Treadwell spent the next few days capturing rare and unique footage of the bears that frequented the forest-like area. On October, 6th, 2003 a scheduled air taxi pilot arrived at the couple's campsite to pick them up and take them back home. Unfortunately, once the pilot landed at the site, there was no sign of either Amie or Timothy. However, there was a large bear pacing the campsite area. Upon investigation, the taxi pilot and local park rangers found Treadwell's disfigured head, right forearm, and partial spine. They also found Amie's half-eaten body buried under twigs and dirt.

Timothy Treadwell and Amie Huguenard
Timothy Treadwell and Amie Huguenard.

Because campsite rangers believed that the large protective bear was the culprit in the killings, the bear was shot and killed. Following the bear's death, a full necropsy was completed on the bear. The necropsy revealed that the bear had in-fact attacked, mauled, and eaten both Timothy and Amie. There were several limbs, toes, and fingers found in the bear's stomach.

Upon even further investigation, rangers stumbled across a video camera at the campsite. While the actual video footage was blank, there was clear sound that had been recorded. The sounds recorded on the video camera were of Amie and Timothy screaming, yelling, and begging for their lives while they were being mauled to death by the large grizzly. The agonizing sounds captured only lasted for about six minutes before the video camera ran out of tape. However, the six minutes of agonizing screaming was long enough to capture all of the horror that occurred during the last few minutes of the couple's life.

The audio clip above is supposedly a cut from the tape the couple gets mauled by the bear. It has circulated online since 2008. Many claim it’s legitimacy, others insist it’s fake.

Following Treadwell's death, director Werner Herzog decided to put together a documentary titled Grizzly Man. The documentary showcases all of Treadwell's work with wildlife in Alaska. The television channel Animal Planet featured a mini-series based on Treadwell's life titled The Grizzly Man Diaries in whichall of Treadwell's accomplishments with bears were chronicled.

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