Russian Celebrity Nazi and Gay-basher Tesak

Russian Celebrity Nazi and Gay-Basher Tesak

  • A Neo-Nazi activist, vlogger, Internet personality, bodybuilder, salesman of Ponzi schemes, a published author and founder of several extremists groups and movements in Russia.
  • Started the movement for Russian thugs entrapping gay men through fake social media profiles under the guise of meeting other gay men.
  • Videotaping the process of which the victims are stripped, beaten, often shaved, and humiliated with sex toys.

Maxim Martsinkevich (Макси́м Серге́евич Марцинке́вич, Теса́к) is one of a kind Internet celebrity Neo-Nazi, to the Russian public just known as Tesak – meaning backsword, sometimes translated as the machete, related to his interest, you guessed it, in knives and violence.

To the Western world, he may be best known for starting the Internet “meme” showing videos of Russian thugs entrapping gay men and boys through fake social media profiles under the guise of meeting other LGBT youth. Then, humiliating them by forcing them to drink their urine and what not, while videotaping it and later putting it online for others to watch. Tesak humbly nicknamed the vigilante group “Occupy Pedophilia”. As you can guess from the name, the group believes all gay men are pedophiles.

Tesak humiliating gay men on camera
Tesak humiliating gay men(boys?), who were lured to meet him through fake social media profiles under the guise of meeting other LGBT youth.

Warning! This page might contain graphic language, images and videos that some viewers might find disturbing. Not appropriate for children under the age of 18.

Tesak really is a jack of all trades. You can call him a (Neo-Nazi) activist, vlogger, Internet personality, bodybuilder, salesman of Ponzi schemes, a published author and founder of several groups and movements in Russia and Russian Commonwealth countries.

Format 18

In 2005, Tesak founded the organization called Format 18, bringing together the white-power skinheads of Russia. 18 meaning Adolf Hitler, from the position of the letters in the alphabet - A being the 1st and H the 8th letter. The members of the organization were mostly beating and stabbing Asian migrant workers and the homeless, recorded it the attacks on video and distributed the recordings via the Internet for others to watch and as a warning sign that Russia belongs to (White) Russians.

Tesak before and after
The Great Transformation of Tesak.
On the left: year ~2005, before the great Chubby discovered steroids and gym.

In Russia, the organization gathered media attention by releasing, in August of 2007, a video titled “The Execution of a Tajik and a Dagestanian”. The shocking video featured an execution of two drug dealer from Caucasus–a region at the border of Russia and Asia–being hanged and dismembered by people dressed in the notorious all-white Ku-Klux-Klan robes.

Investigator analyzing the excecution video

In his defense, Tesak argued having staged the execution, and the flesh of the dismembered captives was beef. The Russian Investigative Committee claimed the events shown in the video took place. He was got a light sentence for inciting hatred or enmity on the grounds of nationality or religion, but not for the alleged beheading.

Format 18 and Tesak also gathered some international media spotlight, when he was featured on a TV-series “Ross Kemp on Gangs: Russian neo-Nazis”, as well as on documentary called “From Russia with Hate”.

A little later, the website of Format 18, a place where the video was originally posted, was closed at the request of an anti-fascist organization. In 2010, Format18 was banned for extremism by a Russian court. If you keep looking, you can still find the video online. Some of the attack videos can be still found on LiveLeak.

Tesak and his Format 18 comrades
Tesak and his comrades from Format 18.

Occupy Pedophilia

Occupy Pedophilia is another “social project” aimed at promoting National Socialism according of Tesak. The movement claims to fight pedophiles, by targeting gay men using online dating and social networking and then subjects them to brutal abuse and humiliation, including the favorite way of method – pouring urine on the victims. All videotaped and posted online for other to watch.

Black student forced to kiss a watermelon
20-year-old foreign student David Smith was lured to meet an imaginary gay 15-year-old boy. As you can see, his hair is cut and he’s forced to kiss a watermelon.

Some of the men caught on camera actually are pedophiles, but the line for the vigilantes is narrow.

According to Wikipedia, Pederasty or paederasty is a sexual relationship between an adult and a pubescent or adolescent male. The word pederasty derives from Greek (paiderastia) “love of boys”, a compound derived from παῖς (pais) “child, boy” and ἐραστής (erastēs) “lover”. So clearly it’s a verb for a pedophile. But in Russia, for general census, paederasty means both being a pedophile and a gay. It was seen as crime during the Soviet Union and before that. The negative stereotype of gay men as child molesters has only recently been shed in the civilized western society, but it has been like that in eastern part of Europe for a long time.

From the criminal codec of Soviet Union:

Artice 121. Pederasty. Sexual relations of a man with a man (pederasty), shall be punished by deprivation of freedom for a term of up to five years. Pederasty committed with the application of physical force, or threats, or with respect to a minor, or taking advantage of the dependent position of the victim, shall be punished by the deprivation of freedom for a term of up to eight years

Interestingly enough, there were no laws against female homosexuality.

Tesak and a gay man
Just a regular gay guy from Russia humiliated by Tesak in public. Who brought the dildo?

Tesak appears in only a fraction of the videos. There are plenty of other vigilantes interested doing the job, but Tesak takes the popularity for starting it. Many of the men have gone missing. The cause of the missing ones remains unknown, whether they have been killed or taken their own lives. The movement has grown large and is extremely active on Russian social networking sites.

Occupy Pedophilia in Russia
This is not a thumbs-up sign, but rather a sign of the Restruct movement – another venture of Tesak that includes Occupy Pedophilia.
Occupy Pedophilia in Russia

Escape to Cuba

Tesak has been on and off the prison. In 2014, he fled to Cuba, where according to him, he would be in Liberty – weird choice for a neo-Nazi to fled to communist Cuba to escape Russian prosecution for inciting ethnic hatred with the threat of violence. I will come back soon why the guy decided to run.

Tesak in Cuba
Tesak in Cuba.

Strangely enough, handcuffed and deported from Havana to Moscow, he was not sentenced by Russian authorities for the hate crimes he committed, but three years for not having enough respect for the great victory of the Soviet Union against Nazi-Germany.

Tesak at courthouse after being deported from Havana, Cuba
Arrested: From Havana to Moscow!
Tesaks advocate Matvey Tzen, who surprisingly has Chinese heritage
Tesak’s advocate Matvey Tzen, who surprisingly has Chinese heritage

Hunger Strike!

After his sentence, Tesak felt he was victim of conspiracy by “pedo” and “narco-lobby” of Putin’s regime and decided to go on hunger strike.

Tesak before and after the hunger strike
Tesak before and after the hunger strike.

He’s yet to be released. Despite having a short term sentence, being a Neo-Nazi in Russian jail is not easy for anyone, especially if you go on a hunger strike. The criminal world will detest you, police and jail staff hate you for not having enough respect for the authority and Putin’s regime. There are many people from Caucasus. Chechen gangs are dangerous, most of the “Thieves in Law” are mainly Georgian. The human right activists don’t want to defend you, most likely you will end up humiliated, raped or killed.

A little Russian humour from the Internet:

Tesak having lost most of his body weight because of hunger strike
Tesak having lost most of his body weight because of hunger strike
Tesak starving
‘The Bodybuilder’
Tesak being a Steve Jobs
Russia Internet trolls mocking Tesak being Steve Jobs.

Not all Russian Skinheads like the guy, though. Nikolay Korolev, the leader of the neo-Nazi terrorist organization “SPAS”, who serves a life in prison, hates him. You can watch the video below how does life feel like in Russian jail with some Russian white-power music playing the background.

Tap to open
the video

The Restruct

The new movement, a sort of successor for Format 18, is called The Restruct. It includes Occupy Pedophilia and Occupy Narcotics, which I’ll cover soon. The attention thirsty Nazi even wrote a book, mainly about himself, even the cover of the book is about him.

A cover of Restruct! book. Tesak's masterpiece.
A cover of Restruct! book – another masterpiece of Tesak.

In fact, he has written two books. Books, where he thoroughly outlines everything that has happened to him in prison, and how does he feel about current regime and politics. Tesak is vocally against Putin and supports National Socialism, and is convinced the sole reason he’s behind bars is Putin’s pedo, gay and drub-lobby as he likes to put it. Go figure.

Tesak and his shaftmates
Tesak and his shaftmates. All 3 men are currently behind the bars.

Because of the arrest(s), Restruct had to close nearly all of its regional offices and projects. Reports say they have to abandon the name, but that’s very unlikely to happen. Tesak has been on the Russian Internet scene for a very long time and has gathered a lot of followers.

Tesak and Restruct
Little Fans.
Tesak and Restruct

Mostly young and lost, idolizing their dear leader, who until recently looked like an ungroomed pig.

Occupy Narcotics

Occupy Narcotics Tesak

Occupy Narcotics (Оккупай-наркофиляй, directly translated occupy drug addicts/users) is again, a branch of the Restruct movement formed to fight against drugs and drug dealers. Tesak claims to have invented the scene, but nevertheless, there had been similar videotapes released long before Tesak started to identify himself as the founder of the scene.

Tesak himself in action, an Asian drug dealer forced to eat his own crap

Tap to open
the video

The activists, often very young but in groups, are identifying drug dealers, making a trial purchase, catch and identify and then humiliate, beat, sometimes pour paint over the dealer’s head. And most importantly – video tape it all and release it to the Internet for propaganda and as a warning for others.

Here are some of videos filmed by activists:

A mob attacks a kiosk with flares and hammers

Tap to open
the video

A mob attacks a drug dealer and his kiosk

Tap to open
the video

Most of the fuzz is around a drug called Spice – a drug, which until recently was legal in Russia. Synthetic marijuana, a mixture made from spraying marijuana-mimicking designer drugs on innocuous herbs. Depending on form it can be extremely dangerous.

Before you go, watch this video of Tesak explaining the great business opportunity called MULTI-PROFIT. It’s not a Ponzi-scheme!

Tesak Jew
Yeah, he’s straight!
Tesak and his dildo
Why do you have a dildo at home, Tesak?
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