Pornstars Gone Bad: From top of the world to the bottom of hell

Pornstars Gone Bad: From Top of the World to the Bottom of Hell

  • Amanda Logue with a pornstar name “Sunny Dae” and her boyfriend Jason Andrews met on an adult shooting scene.
  • Together planned a murder robbery and depraved plan of having sex next to the victim’s body as a sign of victory.

The good-looking couple met on an adult film photo shoot in the porn capital Florida. 28-year-old Amanda Logue did bikini and B.D.S.M. fetish modeling and participated in several hardcore adult films that are still available on the Internet. Jason Andrews was a bisexual DJ with a stage-name Veritas from Chicago. Described as an obnoxious bloke with a British accent who often bragged about his military past.

Together, the couple planned a murder-robbery and a depraved plan of having sex next to the victim's body as a sign of victory.

Amanda Logue aka Sunny Dae and Jason Andrews
Pornstars gone bad: Amanda Logue aka Sunny Dae and Jason Andrews.
Amanda Logue aka Sunny Dae
Amanda Logue aka Sunny Dae and Jason Andrews

Similarly to Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo, a young couple who raped and slain young Canadian women, Logue and Andrews worked on the murder plot together. While the authorities have not officially disclosed a motive for the killings, it appears they lived for lust and pleasure that involved killing a man and then having sex.

Logue was hired as a prostitute for the sex party. Andrews waited outside with the sledgehammer for her signal to attack. They stabbed and bludgeoned Dennis Abrahamsen with a sledgehammer while he was lying face down on a massage table in his home. The couple stole 6k dollars, few credit cards, and a video camera as compensation.

Amanda Logue
Amanda Logue was married mother of one.
The victim of Amanda Logue and Jason Andrews – Dennis Abrahamsen
The victim Dennis Abrahamsen was stabbed and then smashed with a sledgehammer.

Only 20 years later, we have social media. Just like many other killers, they left behind a trail of tweets and Facebook status updates, which are now part of an ever-growing virtual graveyard. Before the murder, Logue and Andrews spent several weeks in Florida, shooting porn videos, chilling on the beach and asserting their love for each other.

Most of the action took place on Twitter and once-popular image sharing service Twitpic, where the couple posted pornographic pictures and status updates about how much they love each other. If you’re morbidly curious (probably you are, why else you’re here?), here are the social media pages with WebArchive mirrors in case one day the pages disappear.

NB! Most of the content linked from below to Twitter and Twitpic is NSFW!

Jason Andrews aka hearveritas: Twitter (Mirror), Twitpic (Mirror).

Amanda Logue aka Sunny Dae: Twitter (Mirror), Twitpic (Mirror).

Below are the text messages between Amanda Logue and Jason Andrews while they were planning the slaying of Dennis Abrahamsen. The chat is published as is.

Amanda Logue: They are fucked up doubt they going to

Jason Andrews: And him? Drunk or coked up?

Amanda Logue: Not Sure yet Drunk I know

Jason Andrews: Gotcha. Ill try and get comfy. May be here a bit! 🙂

Amanda Logue: Yep

Jason Andrews: Christ- I took another half so I can be paitientl 🙂 Don’t worry theres anorher bar

Amanda Logue: That’s ok drink we can get more baby I` got some vynil gloves

Jason Andrews: I’m so glad you’re really commited to this take. Keep eyes for a knife, etc for me! You badass. Sunrise comes quick round here.

Amanda Logue: They are fixing to leave n if anthoing lie fown in bk n cover up! 1’m not giving uo

Jason Andrews: I know bab. I’ve got your back. I’m just excited!

Amanda Logue: They are pakn up. I’m FUCKING exited. To fuck up someone God damnit I want to fiuck after we kill hum

Jason Andrews: Depending how I’m able to make entry I will bring the bottle too! Oops, its empty! Yay sweating on a stakeout!”

Amanda Logue: I’m going to goget it when they leave

Jason Andrews: Perfect, butv onlt if it doesntvarouse suspicion!

Amanda Logue: I love yuou to They are leaving in 5

Jason Andrews: K

Amanda Logue: Getn ready to walk out door I’m going to turn on phone in min

Jason Andrews: K gonna make my way outa truck soon

Amanda Logue: Ok I don’t see knifes He’s got coke n 2 roxies

Jason Andrews: Just get him on his face either bash or tell me to get in and. Where to go.

Amanda Logue: I’m going to start massage in a min. You woll hear

Jason Andrews: Have you seen the contents of the safe?

Amanda Logue: No

Jason Andrews: Ok. Front door or bna9k? “Front not yet though

Jason Andrews: Just prepping. Ill W*it for your cal. From. Hdre.

Amanda Logue: K I’m horny! 1’m getting him to play music be quit wen come im Sorry not ready. Fixing get on tablke”

Jason Andrews: I gor all the time in the world. You just get him relaxed and face down. When I come in, what direction

Amanda Logue: Straight

Jason Andrews: Wicked. Ill just be waiting. Really. Take. Your. Time.

Amanda Logue: Ok starting massage. I got a bottle lqur to hit with you will hear when to come in or sneak in now and stand in the house

Jason Andrews: K

Amanda Logue: Come in

Jason Andrews: The front is lopckledf I am on the back porc h.

Amanda Logue: I opened front door

Jason Andrews: Shit. I OMG, I feel like I’m never gonna leave this bloody loo! You ok?

Jason Andrews pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Amanda Logue, who was into bondage, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and will be “bound” inside the jail for the next 40 years of her life. The next time she has the possibility to see the daylight, she will be 70.


Amanda Logue and Jason Andrews
Amanda Logue and Jason Andrews
Amanda Logue and Jason Andrews
Amanda Logue and Jason Andrews
Amanda Logue and Jason Andrews
Amanda Logue and Jason Andrews
Amanda Logue and Jason Andrews

Warning! This image is graphic.

Tap to reveal.

Amanda Logue and Jason Andrews
Those pretty tits have no use in prison.
Amanda Logue and Jason Andrews
Amanda Logue and Jason Andrews
DJ Veritas, Jason Andrews
Andrews was known as DJ Veritas and played techno music in several large night clubs.
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