Stephen McDaniel, who creeped into room of female classmate and strangled her to death, learns his victims body is found on live TV

Stephen McDaniel, Who Creeped Into Room of Female Classmate and Strangled Her to Death, Learns His Victims Body Is Found on Live TV

Mercer University School of Law graduate Stephen McDaniel, dressed in black and wearing a mask, broke into the room of fellow classmate Lauren Giddings. When the victim woke up, she calmly said, “Get the fuck out”. During their struggle, Lauren was able to rip the mask from McDaniel’s face and pleaded, “Stephen? Please stop”. Stephen continued to strangle her for another 15 minutes until she couldn’t resist and then placed her in the bathtub. In the very same evening, he returned with a hacksaw and cut up her body.

The monster disposed the body in a dumpster, hoping the people who collect the trash would take care of the problem before the police arrive. For a man, who was studying to become a lawyer, he really had no clue how the criminal justice system functions, leaving all the evidence behind.

Was it good acting or was he legitimately upset they found body and all the evidence will point to him? – You decide.

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