A woman who arranged her own sexual torture and murder

A Woman Who Arranged Her Own Sexual Torture and Murder

Bizarre as it sounds, Sharon Lopatka was a woman, who arranged her own sexual torture and murder.

Sharon Lopatka spent several weeks searching through the Internet for the right man. Finally, a man agreed to treat her in a special but gruesome way – by torturing her sexually and then killing her by strangulation.

The man was Robert Frederick Glass, nicknamed Slowhand, who met with Sharon in a BDSM related chat room. Glass was the second person to receive the unusual request, the first gentleman declined her generous offer, but Glass was more than happy to fulfill her sexual fantasies.

The newly met couple exchanged about 800 e-mails, explaining each other's wishes. On October 16, 1996, she traveled more than 400 miles from Baltimore to Charlotte, North Carolina, knowing she is going to certain death. She left a short note to her loved ones:

"If my body is never retrieved, don't worry, now that I'm at peace."

While Glass had a dark past, such as child pornography found on his computer, the murder and sexual sexual torture of Sharon Lopatka was completely consensual. The sole reason for the homicide was mutual sexual gratification.

Robert Frederick Glass, a computer analyst from North Carolina, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter, as well as sexual exploitation of a minor (owning child pornography).

He was sentenced to 36 to 53 months in prison for manslaughter and 21 to 26 months for possession of child pornography.

The story is somewhat similar to a German cannibal Armin Meiwes, who also found his victim on the Internet and who then volunteered for Armin to be eaten and killed. It also raises the moral dilemma – is consensual homicide even possible? Or Gilberto Valle, who nevert hurt anyone but raised a question of when does thought become a crime.

Two weeks before his release, Glass died from a heart attack.

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