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Serial killers

The most evil and notorious serial killers in history. Andrei Chikatilo, Rodney Alcala, Ted Bundy, BTK and Harold Shipman. Who is not fascinated by the serial killers? For the most part, serial killers commit murders purely for psychological satisfaction in order to satisfy their own selfish needs.

Serial killers here are as defined by FBI: someone who commits two or more murders with "cooling-off" periods. The cooling-off period marks the difference between a spree murder and a serial murder.

There is no generic template or a single factor that leads to the development of a serial killer rather a multitude of factors such as other violent offenses, biological, social, and psychological traits. Each killer is driven by their own unique motives or reasons and is not limited to a specific demographic group, such as their sex, age or race.

“What I did was not for sexual pleasure. Rather it brought me some peace of mind.”
Cannibal Andrei Chikatilo, who ate the organs of his victims.

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Inside Satan's Den: Toy-Box Killer's $100,000 Torture Dungeon

Inside Satan’s Den: Toy-Box Killer’s $100,000 Torture Dungeon

  • The investigators found an array of weapons and instruments of torture: a gynecologist-type table, medical implements, custom-made tools and sinister sex toys.
  • Created a pre-recorded audio tapes of him talking about what is going happen to the victims whenever they regained consciousness.
  • Boasted about killing up to 40 times, but was only convicted of kidnapping and torturing Kelly Garrett – a Colorado woman drugged and tortured in 1993 – only with the help of a videotape made by Ray of him torturing his victim.
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Rodney Alcala: The Mother of all Serial Killers

Rodney Alcala: The Mother of All Serial Killers

  • Posing as a charming photographer, Alcala used a camera to stalk women in the ‘60s and ‘70s. The total body count is unknown, but could be high as 130.
  • Strangled his victims until they lost consciousness, then waiting until they revived, often repeating the process several times before eventually killing them.
  • After his arrest, police discovered more than 1,000 photographs of women and teenaged boys in sexually suggestive poses. Police publicly released the photos found in Alcala’s storage locker hoping the people on photos could be identified, or confirmed missing.
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Charles Manson: The Most Infamous Cult Leader

Charles Manson: The Most Infamous Cult Leader

Charles Milles Manson was born November 12th, 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Manson came from an unfortunate background and childhood; his mother was a heavy drinker and his biological father was nowhere to be found. Because of his dismal upbringing, Manson developed an obsession with the life of crime very …

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Academy Maniacs: Copycat Serial Killers of Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs

Academy Maniacs: Copycat Serial Killers of Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs

Artyom Anoufriev and Nikita Lytkin were social outcasts who hated society and humankind. The teenage misanthropes shocked Russian society by attacking seemingly random victims with a mallet and knife. Since the attacks always occurred from behind, the survivors were unable to give any significant details to the investigators.

The serial …

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