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Serial killers

The most evil and notorious serial killers in history. Andrei Chikatilo, Rodney Alcala, Ted Bundy, BTK and Harold Shipman. Who is not fascinated by the serial killers? For the most part, serial killers commit murders purely for psychological satisfaction in order to satisfy their own selfish needs.

Serial killers here are as defined by FBI: someone who commits two or more murders with "cooling-off" periods. The cooling-off period marks the difference between a spree murder and a serial murder.

There is no generic template or a single factor that leads to the development of a serial killer rather a multitude of factors such as other violent offenses, biological, social, and psychological traits. Each killer is driven by their own unique motives or reasons and is not limited to a specific demographic group, such as their sex, age or race.

“What I did was not for sexual pleasure. Rather it brought me some peace of mind.”
Cannibal Andrei Chikatilo, who ate the organs of his victims.

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Edmund Kemper "THE CO-ED BUTCHER": Serial Killer with Deviant Sexual Desires

Edmund Kemper “THE CO-ED BUTCHER”: Serial Killer With Deviant Sexual Desires

  • Kemper appeared to show deviant sexual desires and wanted to kiss his own sister. On numerous occasions in which he would sneak out of his home with his father’s bayonet and observe his second-grade teacher at her home, peering through her windows.
  • Raped and killed six young women in the Santa Cruz, California, area and several members of his family between 1964 and 1973.
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A Canadian Air Colonel With an Urge for Women's Underwear, Rape and Murder...

A Canadian Air Colonel With an Urge for Women’s Underwear, Rape and Murder…

  • A Canadian air colonel. A model military officer, described by his co-workers as an elite pilot and shining bright star of the Canadian military.
  • Made 82 fetish-related home invasions and attempted break-ins between 2007 and 2009, frequently masturbating while lying on the beds of his victims.
  • The assaulted women were bound in their homes and photographed.
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