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Morbid Reality

mor·bid      /ˈmɔrbɪd/
adjective 1. suggesting an unhealthy mental state or attitude; unwholesomely gloomy, sensitive, extreme, etc.: a morbid interest in death.
2. pertaining to diseased parts: morbid anatomy.
3. gruesome; grisly.
re·al·i·ty      rɪˈalɪti/
1 the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.
2. the state or quality of having existence or substance.

Morbid Reality is Bizarrepedia's section to fulfill your morbid curiosity. If you're one of those people who drive slowly past an accident scene accident and turn your head to see everything, this place is probably for you. After all, it pays to take notice of the dangers that could threaten one’s survival...

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Satanic Ritual & Day-Care Sex Abuse Hysteria

Satanic Ritual & Day-Care Sex Abuse Hysteria

  • The panic gripped the public’s imagination and saw many day-care providers charged with child abuse of a Satanic, ritualistic nature.
  • The investigators had plied the children with leading questions, extreme interrogation methods and hypnosis in which false memories were planted in the children to suit the story they wanted to hear. Many innocent people served prison time as their worlds were turned upside down.
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Timothy and Amie: Final cries of couple killed by Bear

Timothy and Amie: Final Cries of Couple Killed by Bear

  • Timothy Treadwell formed mutual bonds between the wild creatures and spent the majority of his waking hours playing and observing the large wild beasts.
  • The chilling final moments of Timothy and his girlfriend were captured on tape as they were mauled to death by a brown bear.
Morbid Reality
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