Morbid illustrations of a North Korean concentration camp

Morbid Illustrations of a North Korean Concentration Camp

Morbid illustrations of a North Korean concentration camps by an escapee. We have the technology to see where these atrocities take place and we don’t have the ability to stop it.

The horror camps are and can be seen on Google Earth:

North korean concentration camps
Pregnancy is prohibited within the camp and if a woman is found pregnant, the wards will cut open the woman, throw the fetus away and execute her.
North korean concentration camps
Denial of human rights-wardens and security guards consider prisoners lesser than bugs. Due to that, many prisoners are beaten and executed for stress relief
North korean concentration camps
Girl getting eaten by guard dogs-even when guard dogs kill young girls, it’s not a crime. In fact, the guards are praised for training their dogs to be vicious.
North korean concentration camps
Clock torture. A pregnant woman is subjected to torture until dehydrated. (The ward calls a time and the woman has to recreate the clock showing the time using her body)
North korean concentration camps
Weakness Criteria. Setting 170cm as standard height, if subject is 42kg, he/she is categorized as weakness level 1. If 40kg, weakness level 2. If 38kg and under, weakness level 3 and is about to die.
Dead bodies storage-because rats eat the eyeballs first, most corpses don’t have eyes.
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