The Kobe Child Murderer has launched a website

The Kobe Child Murderer Has Launched a Website

The notorious Japanese killer Seito Sakakibara (酒鬼薔薇 聖斗, on the left above) shocked the Japanese society a decade ago, when he put decapitated head of 11-year-old Jun Hase (土師 淳) in front of the gate of a junior high school in Kobe City, Japan. In addition to Jun Hase, 14-year-old Sakakibara butchered 10-year-old Ayaka Yamashita (山下彩花).

Now, 18 years later, the killer has apparently launched a personal website where he promises to post updates about his life. The gallery section features bizarre photos of a man wearing a mask, supposedly Sakakibara himself, also art created by him, eerie photos of slugs and a list of his favorite books.

Seito Sakakibara

Because Sakakibara was a juvenile, at the time of his trial he was referred to as Boy A. The real identity of the child killer has never been released, because of Japanese strict laws regarding juveniles. He is better known to the greater public as Seito Sakakibara – the pseudonym he used while taunting police and sending letters to media. Mainly because of Sakakibara, the age for criminal responsibility in Japan was lowered from 16 to 14 in 2000.

The terror started on May 27, 1997, when the head of Jun Hase was found in front of Tainohata Elementary School with a note stuffed in victim's mouth. The note, written in red pen read:

This is the beginning of the game... Try to stop me if you can you stupid police... I desperately want to see people die, it is a thrill for me to commit murder. A bloody judgment is needed for my years of great bitterness.

Additionally, some broken English as well: "shooll kill".

The letter had a cross-like symbol, similar to the one used by infamous Zodiac killer. Similar signs were painted on the walls near the school where the head was found.

Seito Sakakibara letters
Seito Sakakibara taunting letters

Sakakibara was arrested as a suspect in the Hase murder a month later, on June 28. Shortly after his arrest, he also confessed to the murder of Ayaka Yamashita as well as assaults of 3 other girls on and around that same date.

After the attack of Ayaka Yamashita, he wrote in his diary: "I carried out sacred experiments today to confirm how fragile human beings are... I brought the hammer down, when the girl turned to face me. I think I hit her a few times but I was too excited to remember."

21 at the time, Sakakibara was paroled in 2004. He was released a year later and quickly published a memoir where he describes and analyzes the macabre acts.

The Unbearable Transparency of Being

The website is named Sonzaino Taerarenai Tomeisa, meaning The Unbearable Transparency of Being, claims it's former boy A’s official home page. The website describes him as 5.4 ft tall, 120 lbs heavy and suffering from delusions, also to be the only source of information about Sakakibara, since he's not using social media.

Sakakibara feels important to announce he's blood type is A and has INFJ personality type, meaning: INFJ personality (The Advocate) – an inborn sense of idealism and morality, but what sets them apart is the accompanying Judging (J) trait – INFJs are not idle dreamers, but people capable of taking concrete steps to realize their goals and make a lasting positive impact... yeah right.

Here's the link to Seito Sakakibara's website.

Have a closer look of the site on your own. But meanwhile I post some of the strange art found in the gallery section here, in case the website gets shut down.

Seito Sakakibara
Seito Sakakibara
Seito Sakakibara
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