Killer Kids

Killer Kids

  • Child murderers are more common than any of us would like to think, most of the cases are treated delicately by the courts.
  • List of children who have done unthinkable — the disturbing lives of ones who commit acts of murder.

Mary Flora Bell

Mary Flora Bell

As a child, Mary was sold into prostitution by her own mother who was specializing in sadomasochism. As an 11-year-old, she killed and mutilated two young boys aged four and three.

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Jon Venables & Robert Thompson

Jon Venables & Robert Thompson

Probably one of the most controversial and infamous crime cases in the UK. A shocking story of two 10-year-olds who abducted and brutally murdered a 2-year-old, leaving the toddler’s mutilated body on railway tracks for a train to run over. Everyone wants to know where are the boys now and are they still threat to the society, but the government is keen on keeping their new identities protected.

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Austin Sigg

Austin Sigg
Austin Sigg in 7th grade yearbook photo.
Austin Sigg
Sigg in the Standley Lake High School yearbook.

A shy and quiet 17-year-old Austin Sigg confessed to the murder of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway, who disappeared on her way to school. He was sexually aroused by the dismemberment of his victim and didn’t have any explanation for his wrongdoings.

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Peter Woodcock

Peter Woodcock

Peter Woodcock was a Canadian serial killer and child rapist who as a 17-year-old brutally murdered three young children in the late 1950s. He underwent cutting-edge LSD therapy but eventually had to be dubbed as The Serial Killer They Couldn’t Cure.

“I regret that children died, but I felt like God. It was the power of God over a human being.”

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Sandra & Beth Andersen

Sandra & Beth Andersen

16-year-old Sandra and her 15-year-old sister Beth Andersen premeditated a plan to kill their mother. The motive was pure greed. With the money they wanted to take all their friends to the European vacation, buy a marijuana farm and a nice house. It didn’t go as planned.

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Danielle Black & Alec Scott Eger


15-year-old Danielle Black was a good girl and dedicated student until she hit the high school. She was drawn to the Goth world and met Alec Scott Eger who foolishly believe her father is abusing her. Together, they plotted the murder of Billy Black — Danielle’s papa. Her mother stated that she is a cold-blooded person with no remorse.

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Brenda Spencer

Brenda Spencer

Brenda Spencer was a shy, 16-year-old misfit. She lived in perpetual squalor in a house in San Carlos, California, with her alcoholic father, Wallace, after her parents separated. The house was a depressing sight to behold. Father and daughter shared a single mattress on the floor for a bed and the place was littered with Wallace’s empty liquor bottles. For Christmas 1978, Wallace gave Brenda a Ruger 10/22 semi-automatic .22 calibre rifle with a telescopic sight and 500 rounds of ammo. On Monday, January 27, 1979, Brenda dug a sniper nest in her yard and opened fire upon the neighbouring Grover Cleveland Elementary School, killing the principal and custodian, shooting a police officer in the neck and wounding eight children. During a stand-off with officers at her home later, a reporter called her phone and asked why she did it. “I don’t like Mondays” was her response.

Josh Phillips

osh Phillips

A young sexually motivated child murderer in the vein of Austin Sigg Josh Phillips was 14 years old when he murdered his 8-year-old neighbour Maddie Clifton in 1998 in Jacksonville, Florida. When Maddie disappeared, a 400-person-strong volunteer search party (including Josh Phillips) tried to locate the youngster. A $100,000 reward was offered. A week later Phillips’ mother noticed his waterbed was leaking. Upon investigation she found Maddie’s half-nude body stuffed inside the waterbed. She immediately notified police. Phillips claimed that Maddie had suffered an accidental bloody eye while they were playing baseball, and that he had panicked - strangling, stabbing and beating her to death with his baseball bat to cover up the accident.

David Brom

David Brom
Undated photo of Brom likely taken long after the murder.

David Brom was a 16-year-old living in Rochester, Minnesota with his parents and siblings in 1988. On February 17 of that year he got into a late night argument with his father which stretched into the early hours of the next day. David went nuts and proceeded to murder his family with an axe. He confessed the crime to a friend on the same day and the news spread, reaching the ears of the police department, who investigated to find the bodies of Bernard (43), Paulette (42), Diane (13) and Richard (11) Brom in the family home along with the bloodstained axe, later that day.

Barry Dale Loukaitis

Barry Dale Loukaitis

The next juvenile wacko on our list dressed up as a cowboy, armed himself with his daddy’s .30-30 hunting rifle, .357 Magnum and .25 ACP before storming into his fifth period math class and opening fire on February 2, 1996. 14-year-old Barry Dale Loukaitis of Frontier Middle School (Moses Lake, Washington) shot and killed teacher Leona Caires and classmates Arnold Fritz and Manuel Vela, Jr. (both aged 14) as well as severely wounding Natalie Hintz (13). The wanna-be gunslinger, who experienced God delusions and saw himself as a vengeful Messiah, quipped to his terrified classmates ‘This sure beats algebra don’t it?’

Jasmine Richardson

Jasmine Richardson

When 12-year old Jasmine Richardson of Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, brought her boyfriend over for dinner to meet her family, her parents were appalled by the young man. His name was Jeremy Steinke. Not only was he a 23-year-old goth who drank blood, but he claimed to be a 300-year-old werewolf. Unsurprisingly, the parents disapproved and forbade the relationship. It was then that Jasmine and Jeremy plotted to murder the Richardsons so that they could run away and be together.

After watching Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers for inspiration (their favourite love story) they massacred Marc (42), Debra (48) and Jacob (8) Richardson, stabbing them repeatedly and slitting their throats on April 23, 2006. When the crime was discovered, police officers promptly caught up with the pair and captured them. Steinke will be eligible for parole in 2031.

Jasmine completed her 10-year prison sentence in May 2016 and is now free.

Carl Newton Mahan

Carl Newton Mahan
Little Carl Newton with his family.

On May 18, 1929 in the town of Paintsville, Kentucky, playmates Carl Newton Mahan (6) and Cecil Van Hoose (8) found a piece of scrap iron. They could sell it to a local junk dealer for some spare change. Both boys laid claim to the piece of iron and an argument broke out. Cecil won the fight, slapping Carl in the face and taking the scrap iron. What did Carl do? Did he hit Cecil back? Did he tell his mum? No – he went home, got his dad’s 12-gauge shotgun, returned and blew Cecil away. He was charged with murder, but eventually convicted of manslaughter, although he was released due to his age.

Alyssa Bustamante

Alyssa Bustamante

A young thrill killer reminiscent of Mary Bell and Norma Joyce Bell or Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, 15-year-old Cole County, Missouri resident Alyssa Bustamante murdered her 9-year-old neighbour Elizabeth Olten on October 21, 2009. Alyssa - who listed ‘killing people’ as her hobby on her YouTube account - strangled, stabbed and slit the poor girl’s throat for kicks.

She wrote in her diary:

I just fucking killed someone. I strangled them and slit their throat and stabbed them now they’re dead. I don’t know how to feel atm. It was ahmazing. As soon as you get over the ‘ohmygawd I can’t do this’ feeling, it’s pretty enjoyable. I’m kinda nervous and shaky though right now. Kay, I gotta go to church now…lol.”

Rod Ferrell

Rod Ferrell

16-year-old Rod Ferrell of Murray, Kentucky, was the master of a vampire clan. To his followers he was Vesago – a 500-year-old creature of the night, a fantasy he himself believed. One of his minions, Heather Wendorf, asked Rod to help her run away from her family, telling him her home life was hell. The clan hatched a fiendish plot. Rod and underling Howard Anderson entered the Wendorf residence on the night of November 25, 1996 through the unlocked garage. Rod bashed Richard Wendorf and his wife Naomi’s skulls in with a crowbar he found in the garage before the clan fled to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where law enforcement caught up with them after receiving a tip-off from one member’s mother.

Cody Posey

Cody Posey

By all accounts Paul Posey was one mean son of a bitch. He lived and worked at Chavez Canyon Ranch, Hondo, New Mexico, with his family. He and his second wife Tyrone abused Cody (Paul’s 14-year-old son, Tyrone’s step-son) psychologically and physically every day. Meanwhile Cody’s step-sister, 13-year-old Marilea was encouraged to tattle on him and rewarded whenever he got in trouble. Cody was pushed too far when he was summoned to Paul and Tyrone’s bedroom where Tyrone was waiting for him naked on the bed. They wanted him to have sex with Tyrone while Paul watched. Cody refused and was burned with a welding iron for his disobedience. The next day (July 5, 2004) when Cody was being berated and hit again, something inside of him snapped. He fetched a shotgun and walked up behind Tyrone as she sat on the couch. She got two in the back of the head. Paul and Marilea were blasted to death as they walked in the house to see what was happening. Cody then used a backhoe to bury the bodies in a big pile of manure where he felt they belonged. Cody eventually confessed. Many witnesses corroborated his story of abuse.

He was sentenced to juvie until his 21st birthday when he walked out a free man.

Joseph McVay

On January 2, 2011 Deborah McVay (46) of Big Prairie, Ohio, told her 10-year-old son Joseph to go fetch some firewood from outside and bring it in the house. Big mistake. Nobody told Joseph to fetch firewood. Rather than do his chores Joseph went to his room, selected one of his 6 guns (a 22 calibre rifle), and shot his mother in the head, killing her instantly.

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