The real and only Haunted House

The Real and Only Haunted House

These gruesome images show what goes on inside the world's scariest haunted house, visitors are tied up, forced into cages of spiders, drenched in faked blood – everything to take part of real-life horror movie, with the whole experience filmed so guests can relive their terror.

Every adrenaline junkie has failed to make through, meanwhile reduced dozens of grown men and women to tears. The illusion of facing death is just too real to tolerate.

While it's free to get in, more than 24,000 people are on the waiting list for to be part of the horror inside McKamey Manor. If you pass the background test, they ask that you bring a donation of dog treats, or dog food to help support Operation Greyhound.

Apparently, there is no safe word, the house owners decide if and when to stop.

Haunted House terror
Haunted House terror
Haunted House terror
Haunted House terror
Haunted House terror
Haunted House terror
McKamey Manor visitors drenched in fake blood
McKamey Manor visitors drenched in fake blood.
Haunted House terror
The visitors are required to sign a waiver before entering and are health checked to ensure they can ensure the stress of the ordeal.
Haunted House terror

The Haunted House Trailer

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