A Russian Pensioner "Granny the Ripper"

A Russian Pensioner “Granny the Ripper”

68-year-old Russian pensioner Tamara Samsonova (Тамара Самсонова) could become one of the most prolific serial killers in Russian history. A grandmother dubbed as "Granny the Ripper", kept a diary in three different languages, revealing she murdered 10 people and hacked their bodies apart during the 20-year reign of terror. The final nail in the coffin for the pensioner was being caught on CCTV.

The evil grandmother came into the spotlight when her tenant went missing. The CCTV footage quickly revealed an older lady leaving the apartment building with a heavy plastic bag.

When Tamara Samsonova was arrested, she quickly confessed killing her neighbor. The motive, according to her – unwashed dishes and being afraid the victim would drive her out of her own apartment. To take matters into her own hands, she went to the supermarket and bought some salad and Phenazepam (Xanax in U.S), a strong benzodiazepine-based sedative, and poisoned the tenant by mixing the salad with medicine.

The investigators don't believe the death was from an overdose of a medicine, most likely the poor woman bled to death while Samsonova was dismembering her body.

Tamara Samsonova, Granny the Ripper
Tamara Samsonova caught on CCTV

Below is another CCTV footage, this time Grany the Ripper carrying body parts of a dismembered victim in a saucepan.

Who is Tamara Samsonova?

  • After her arrest, she told police she was a former actress and a graduate of the Vaganov ballet academy, but later admitted to her real Soviet-era past as a floor lady monitoring guests at one of the city's leading hotels.

  • Tamara Samsonova lived in an ordinary residential area of St. Petersburg. She is being suspected in series of murders of his tenants, friends, and perhaps her husband. The fate of her husband is unknown. The man was last seen in 2005 and is missing ever since. After the disappearance of her husband, she started to take tenants.

  • The diary, written in three languages – Russian, German, and English, describes in detail how to kill people. There is also a very specific and detailed description of killing and dismembering a man with tattoos in 2003. It turned out that 12 years ago, the described man rented a room from the pensioner.

  • One of the dismembered victims, again found in a plastic bags, had pages of astrology book with him, the very same book with torn pages was found from her apartment.

  • There are rumors and speculations the bodies could have been used for some sort of magic rituals, or even cannibalism.

  • She has a history of mental illness and has been several times in a psychiatric hospital.

When the judge informed she will be detained for a long time, she met the decision with a smile and applause. When being asked by journalists if there's anything she wants to tell to the public, she said: "I would like to, but... I'm ready for that court date for decades. It's all deliberate."

Tamara Samsonova, Granny the Ripper
The plastic bag with body parts which led to the arrest
Tamara Samsonova, Granny the Ripper
Tamara Samsonova in courtroom
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