John 'Pogo the Clown' Wayne Gacy.

John ‘Pogo the Clown’ Wayne Gacy.

  • John Wayne Gacy from 1972 to 1978, would sexually assault, torture and murder 33 young men and boys. 26 of his young victims he would bury in his crawl space under his house.
  • He would dress like a clown, named Pogo and perform at charitable services, fundraising events, parades, and children’s parties, thus earning himself the moniker of the ‘killer clown.’

This article will cover John Wayne Gacy Junior, the ‘killer clown.’ This writer notices that the novel, 'It' was published in 1986, that it also starts out with the murder of homosexual men, Gacy was perhaps the inspiration for Pennywise? Gacy was arrested on December 22, 1978, and for all intents and purposes was the evil central antagonist of King’s novel. Moreover, this article will be around 2000 words, so brace yourself, dear reader, because what is to come is definitely not pretty and sure as hell ain’t sweet. Only in America would you find a serial killer who dressed as a clown and called himself, ‘Pogo.’

Gacy was born on March 17, 1942, the middle and only boy of three children, again Gacy-like many serial killers had a very troubled childhood, named John Wayne by his mother Marion, after her favorite movie star, Gacy was expected to be actually like the movie star, at least according to his father, John Wayne Gacy, World War One veteran and auto repair machinist. Gacy’s father was observed to be a functioning alcoholic who would go downstairs in the basement of the house and drink huge amounts of brandy. This man did end up beating his entire family with a razor strap. Sound familiar? Gacy would often see his father beating his mother, although his sisters have said how Gacy would cause his father to beat him because of the way he acted towards him, his sister has stated how Gacy would not cry when his father beat him, totally infuriating his father even more. The same sister would also state how Gacy’s father would not care where the blows landed as long as they did. Gacy’s father would openly belittle his son saying he was going to grow up to be a homosexual and called Gacy a cissy. Gacy’s father actually beat Gacy over the head with a broomstick, rendering him unconscious. All of this because Gacy wasn’t the hunting fishing type of man, he was closely attached to his sisters and mother and preferred gardening and baking cookies with his mother instead of those typical male activities. However, all throughout his life he wanted his father's stern approval, he also vehemently denied hating his father throughout his entire life. Moreover, Gacy was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, so his schoolwork obviously suffered from this.

In 1949, Gacy was molested by a family friend, the family friend would pick him up in his vehicle and then drive him around while fondling this child. Gacy was so embarrassed by this that he felt he could not tell his parents or especially his father, who would blame Gacy for this and label him as a ‘queer’. Gacy also began to have blackouts and would end up in the hospital, where is a father would often see this as a weakness and berate his son that he was ‘faking’ for sympathy. The cause of this condition where Gacy would have these blackouts would never be conclusively found, however, it would not surprise this writer if they were episodes of psychological disassociation. Moreover, it was when Gacy was hit in the head with a swing when he was 11 years old, that at 16 he was found to have a blood clot in his brain, he was given medication to remove the blood clot. Also, due to whatever Gacy was experiencing, he himself deemed him a sickly kid, spending a year in the hospital, which obviously did nothing for his ever-declining grades at school. Gacy was made even more of an outsider when he was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition, not being able to participate in sports, his father saw this as another weakness of course and this further reinforced his father's opinion of him as a cissy. What is disturbing about Gacy is he obviously had sexual fetishes in his troubled adolescent years, his sister speaks of how he had a brown paper bag in his closet that contained a pair of silk panties. In 1957, a friend saw Gacy’s father lose it with Gacy and began to beat him savagely. Although Gacy never fought back, raising his hands in defense and never striking his father.

Gacy dropped out of high school and went to Las Vegas, where he joined the ambulance service and ultimately became a mortuary assistant, Gacy would sleep at the back of the embalming room in a ‘cot’ to save money, he revealed how once went into the embalming room and got beside a male corpse and fondled it. However, alone and miserable Gacy saved up for 3 months and left Las Vegas, and moved back to Chicago, where he eventually graduated from Northwestern business college, after which, he sold shoes, Gacy then had finally discovered something that he was good at, the gift of selling, the gift of the gab, a gift that would serve him well in the future. By 1965, he was a member of the Junior chamber of commerce, also known as the Jaycee’s and rose to vice president of that organization in Springfield, Illinois. In 1966 he had moved to Waterloo Iowa, he also met his first partner, Marlynn Myers, whose parents would go on to give Gacy full management of the Kentucky fried chicken franchise that they owned and he insisted that his employees call him, Colonel. It was not until this period of his life that one of his sisters noticed that they didn’t really know the real Gacy, when she commented on his kinky personal life, that of having key parties, where if the reader does not know what those are, they were popular in the 60’s and 70’s, this is when married spouses would pick someone else up with the keys being randomly chosen in a glass jar and would go home with that different married spouse.

Apparently, though the Waterloo division of the Jaycee’s knew all about Gacy and his sexual escapades, he was even said to hold orgies to recruit new members of this organization. However, Gacy would take this behavior too far when he sexually assaulted Donald Voorhees. after getting this child drunk and forcing the child to have oral sex with him. Gacy was arrested shortly after the confession of this child, what he presumably, only learned from this experience that he was not to leave witnesses. It also left him feeling ashamed and this behavior left him isolated, his wife leaving him with his two children, who Gacy would never see again. His father also died while he was in prison, which obviously Gacy was extremely grief-stricken about.

The mugshot of John Wayne Gacy
The mugshot.

Indeed, Gacy got 10 years for this crime, the maximum allowed.However, like most psychopaths, Gacy fit well into the structure of prison, becoming ‘ the first cook,’ and only ended up serving 18 months, successfully using his gift of the gab to prove he wasn't a threat to society. This was after he caught 2 men engaging in oral sex and kicked one in the head for being ‘queer.’ After he got out of prison, Gacy then moved in with his mother and got a job as a short-order cook, hiding his criminal background until police started investigating him for the disappearances of young boys. By the time the reader gets to this point, it all seems that the police kept giving Gacy chances, for example, on February 12, 1971, Gacy was charged with disorderly conduct, a teenage boy claimed that Gacy picked him up in his car and tried to force the boy into having sex with him, although Gacy was saved from this incident when the young man did not appear in court over this matter. Yet another disturbing example of Gacy getting away with his sexual offenses was on June 22, 1972, when another young man said that Gacy flashed a detective's badge at him and forced him into his car to have sex with him, the charges were for some reason dropped? Is this writer actually baffled by this? Why yes, yes he is, a sexual offender is given so many chances without going back to prison? The first charge while Gacy was on parole and had a set curfew of 10:00 pm?

In 1972, Gacy formed his own construction company called painting, decorating and maintenance, (P.D.M.), in June of that same year Gacy married Carole Huff, who moved into his house with a four-foot crawl space. By 1975 however, Gacy’s marriage with Huff had deteriorated to the point where he openly left homosexual pornography all over the house. The Gacy’s divorced in March of 1976, this is after his wife had found driver licenses of younger men all over the house and Gacy had been out all night. Once Gacy’s wife had left, it was cruising time as far as he was concerned, Darell Samson vanished after he was last seen on April 6, 1976, 5 weeks later Randall Refett disappeared after walking home from Senn high school. Hours later after this event, Gacy proved himself to be a homicidal maniac by abducting 15-year-old Samuel Stapleton as he walked home from his sister's apartment. Both youths were found in Gacy’s crawlspace. Gacy would go on to murder 33 victims in his killing mania of 1976 to 1978. It may be that Gacy was bipolar and not just bisexual as he himself made a definite point of emphasizing. This is an individual that was so in denial that after the police dug up 29 bodies that were in his crawl space, he could not admit that he was a homosexual. How much in denial do you have to be about your own sexuality? To be found with 29 bodies of teenage boys between the ages of 14-18 years old, one victim being 25 years old, does that not give some indication that if you have tortured and murdered all of these young men, that you are possibly homosexual? Although, Gacy had his defensive arguments, that he wasn’t in the house at the time, ring extremely hollow and quite frankly this writer is not interested in them.

John Wayne Gacy
Gacy would dress like a clown, named Pogo and perform at charitable services, fundraising events, parades, and children's parties, thus earning himself the moniker of the killer clown.

An analysis of Gacy’s crimes would be that the reason that he kept all of those, 29, bodies in his crawlspace is that Gacy had a commodity fetish for these men, they were more like products that you would pick up from your local supermarket, he owned them, they were his, forever, moreover, that Gacy viewed these men as nothing more than flies he swatted after picking them up. Gacy also told, the late legendary FBI profiler Robert Ressler after his conviction that his victims were, ‘worthless little queers and punks.’ Ressler then asked Gacy ‘aren’t you a homosexual, too?’ Gacy apparently responded with that he was looking for quick easy sex with transient males. Gacy described these young men as ‘garbage people,’ and that was why it took him so long to be caught. Because, not unlike the serial murdering of Dean Coril, these young men were dismissed as runaways until Robert Pietz was reported as missing. You see, Gacy had become so uncaring and callous of his targets he eventually killed a real-life all American boy that was clearly and deeply loved and valued by his family, that is, that the Chicago police could not ignore the disappearance of.

In fact, there is something downright compulsive in Gacy’s behavior, to quote the late neurologist, Dr. Jonathan Pincus, ‘the methodical compulsive aspect of serial killers and the sexual content of their motivation and actions set them apart from most ordinary killers. Each serial killer has a different method of operation that incorporates the crime details that have, idiosyncratic, sexual meaning.’

Also, ‘The prevailing motivation of the dozen or so serial killers I have examined is to dominate and control others…this obsessive-compulsive quality of serial killers may prevent them from being violent when they cannot,”do it the right way.” For example when they are incarcerated, the need for the right time, place and victim both stamps these acts as bizarre and protects fellow inmates from the serial killer's vulnerabilities to violent action. In this way they differ from “ordinary killers” but they are not normal people who suddenly become serial killers because they are evil. ‘

John Wayne Gacy
Arrested: John Wayne Gacy.

All of this and a little more of a plot twist from a young man called Jason Moss, who claimed to be the last victim of Gacy, this writer just says, ‘give me a break.’ Moss would go on to release a book based on his written correspondence with Richard Ramirez, Charles Manson, and John Wayne Gacy. Pretending at least to Gacy that he was a ‘gay hustler,’ this writer has both read the book and seen the film, this writer would suggest that you read the book because the film is excruciatingly long and just downright cringe-worthy. Mainly because the main antagonist in the film is way, way too manly to be played as Gacy. Gacy was an effeminate weirdo who was in complete blanket denial of his own sexuality. Besides from that Gacy also saw a young man of a punk group called GG Allin, of the punk rock group, GG Allin, and the murder junkies, therefore Moss’s argument that he was the last victim is completely false and misleading.

John Wayne Gacy as a child.
John Wayne Gacy as a child.

Gacy was executed by lethal injection on May 9th, 1994, his execution was not a simple one, however, the fluid that he was injected with unexpectedly solidified, so the curtains of his execution had to be drawn and then opened again, his entire execution took about 18 minutes. One of the prosecutors stated that he had ‘a much easier death than all of his victims.’ It was recorded that Gacy’s last words were, ‘kiss my ass.’

If this article gives you any sympathy for Gacy, please remember that he had 33 victims that were actually counted, how many he actually killed, who knows? Gacy surpassed the serial killer record until Gary Ridgway came along. As the prosecutor from his trial mentioned as he tore down the victim's photo’s of their faces, show him mercy? Because he never showed an ounce of mercy towards his victims.

John Wayne Gacy
FBI detective in front of the grave for unknown victim of Gacy.
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