A haunting video found from a cellphone left in a taxi in Fiji

A Haunting Video Found From a Cellphone Left in a Taxi in Fiji

  • The video shows at least four unarmed men being gunned down in at sea.
  • Despite dozens of witnesses on the haunting videotape, the victims and killers remain a mystery.

Very little public information is available about the disturbing video. Most likely the action takes place in the vast Indian Ocean at some time between 2012 and 2013.

A student taking a taxi found the footage on a mobile phone left in a taxi in the capital of Fiji. He turned the evidence to police and unknown source uploaded the 10-minute video to YouTube.

Fiji is home to a large tuna fishing fleet and murders on fishing boats sailing in the area are relatively common. In waters near Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, more than 6000 crimes were reported and 3100 people were assaulted and kidnapped last year. Bodies with gunshot wounds have floated ashore in parts of South East Asia before.

The case is still unsolved. Since the incident happened in international waters, no one is really looking into it. Interpreters detected the languages on the video as Mandarin, Thai and Vietnamese, while the markings on one of the boats reportedly identify it as Taiwanese. Three fishing boats appear in the water, including a Taiwanese tuna ship.

Fiji Fishing Vessel shooting video unidentified men
Fiji Fishing Vessel shooting video unidentified men.
Sickening: the killers posing for camera.
Fiji Fishing Vessel shooting video unidentified men
Fiji Fishing Vessel shooting video unidentified men.
Can you identify the killers?

With the heavy gunfire a man yells in Vietnamese: 'If you see anyone, just kill'. Having spotted him, the men continue shooting until the victims sink under water. The video can be found on Liveleak.

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The story reminds me Oscar Zeta Acosta, an American attorney, politician, novelist and an activist in ahead of the Chicano Movement. His pal Thompson believes Acosta shared the similar faith like the unidentified men in the video -- he was either murdered by drug dealers or was the victim of a political assassination. Some speculate he overdosed or suffered a breakdown during the boat trip as his last words to his son that were "I'm about to board a boat full of white snow." He never returned.


In Canada, a few years ago notorious lobster trap thief Phillip Boudreau (on the picture ) was caught in the act and the local lobstermen decided to take matters into their own hands. Three men eventually confessed to his vicious murder. The body was never found.

"Until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore, you will not know the terror of being forever lost at sea." – Charles Cook

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