The Best True Crime & Morbid Documentaries and TV Series

The Best True Crime & Morbid Documentaries and TV Series

  • A periodically updated list of the best true crime and morbid documentaries.

Did you know that while women are less likely to be criminals, they account for a disproportionate portion of readers and writers of the crime genre? Bizarrepedia’s own statistics say 60% of the readers are female.

Although women are the biggest true crime buffs, there is nothing better for anyone than spending a weekend with a true crime marathon. We sure are compelled by terrible things, but only when it’s perfectly safe, sitting comfortably on your sofa or watching from the sidewalk.

Below is the list documentaries that should help you with for many of those satisfying weekends.

1) A Crime to Remember

3 season long TV Series about long-forgotten murder cases from the 1950’s and 60’s that often changed societies. The story is narrated by a fictional bystander who knew the victim. The reenaction and the attention to detail of the era’s style, cultural taboos, and social norms is a form of art on its own.

Just look at these beautifully made “cinematographs” published on the official website of A Crime to Remember. Tell me another true crime series where there is put so much effort into detail.

All the 3 seasons and their episodes are worth watching but you can dive in from season 1, episode 2. “The Career Girl Murders” talks a story of a homicide case from New York in 1963. Two young women are brutally murdered in their apartment. The media dubs the case The Career Girls Murders. Eager to solve the case, the investigators arrest a man who fits the bill but overlook a key piece of evidence. Just like in all of the series, during the pre-DNA era how suspects looked played a far bigger role determining the guilt than what they actually did.

Amazon has all the series available.

2) The Impostor

“There are two sides to every lie” – just like the movie poster says, as there are two sides to every story, there are also two lies.

The Impostor movie poster

The chronicles of a French master con artist Frederic Bourdin (spoiler alert!), who tricked a Texas family into believing he was their missing son who disappeared mysteriously years earlier. How can a Frenchman living in Spain trick an American family to believe he is their missing son? And did he trick them or was the family playing along despite all the inconsistencies because they have something to hide? This story will give you chills and asks more answers than it gives you.

The documentary has a solid rating of 7.5 on IMDB.

3) Savile (2016) by Louis Theroux

Legendary British documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux tries to understand how entertainer Jimmy Savile — a man at the center of entertainment and charitable fundraising — was able to get away with a litany of crimes for decades.

Louis Theroux and Jimmy Savile

After his death, hundreds of allegations of sexual abuse lead the police to believe that Savile had been one of Britain’s most prolific predatory sex offender.

Jimmy Savile is considered in Britan somewhat a national treasure. Theroux feels guilty of letting Savile off the hook when they first met 15 years ago. Now, he’s created a new documentary to make sense of his guilt – and face the victims of the man he once called a friend.

If you’re British, the documentary is available on BBC’s iPlayer. Or you can just use your Google and Youtube skills.

4) Amanda Knox (2016)

Probably the people who didn’t know a thing about the case of Meredith Kercher and Amanda Knox, now do, because all of the media attention the new documentary published on Netflix has gotten from the mainstream media.

Amanda Knox
Amanda Knox: ‘Either I’m a psychopath in sheep’s clothing or I am you.’

American girl Amanda Marie Knox spent almost four years in an Italian prison following conviction of the murder of Meredith Kercher — a British exchange student who was sharing the house with Amanda. Is she guilty? — Most likely no, but just like any good case, it adds more and more to the discussion. The documentary has everything: corrupted Italian court system with its Catholic prosecutor who believes that he is Sherlock Holmes. A Daily Mail journalist with no shame, which I like, but probably offends many.

The documentary itself is not a masterpiece but gives an excellent overview of the intriguing case and is available on on Netflix.

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The list will be updated periodically. Meanwhile, you can check out the best true crime podcasts and true crime blogs.

You might be also interested in Bizarepedia’s Youtube Channel – All true crime, unsavory, unwise and non-fictional, intended to document only the reality. Without embellishment.

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