David & Cinnamon Brown: Depraved Father convinced daughter to kill her stepmom

David & Cinnamon Brown: Depraved Father Convinced Daughter to Kill Her Stepmom

  • Depraved father used his own daughter to craft an elaborate plan for the “perfect murder.”
  • The investigators realized that the girl would have never turned to murdering her stepmother by her own accord, and the scheme started to crumble.

David Brown did not look like much physically. He's was not too tall in height, he had a receding hairline, looked frail, and the wrinkles and bags under his eyes really showed his age. However, as we all know, looks can be very deceiving. While nothing to look at, David Brown was and still is most-known for his part in manipulating and leading his daughter Cinnamon Brown into the heinous act of murdering his wife and new mother to their seven-month-old baby Linda Marie Bailey Brown.

On the evening of March 18th, 1985, David Brown ventured into Cinnamon's bedroom where he woke both Cinnamon and his and teenage sister-in-law Patricia A. Bailey from their slumber. David declared "Girls, it has to be done tonight." Both of the girls knew exactly what David meant when he muttered these crushing seven words. David, Cinnamon, and Patricia had been planning the demise of Linda for quite some time now, and it was finally time to put their murderous plot in action. Cinnamon, being only fourteen years old, followed instruction from her beloved father and took a handful of pills. She then stumbled into the bedroom where her stepmother Linda Brown was sleeping...

Without hesitation, the fourteen-year-old bright-eyed youngster grabbed a .38 caliber pistol and shot her stepmother straight in the chest. Within a matter of seconds, the baby began crying, and Linda started gurgling up blood. This meant that Linda was still alive. Cinnamon would not stop there. After all, she couldn't leave Linda alive, as this would only mean Linda could identify her as the person who just shot her. Cinnamon then shot Linda yet again in the chest and waited until there were complete silence and no movement from Linda's body.

Linda Marie Brown
The victim: Linda Marie Brown.

Minutes after the deadly shooting, Cinnamon ran outside. She collapsed near the backyard doghouse lying in her own vomit and was nearly unconscious. Tied to her hand was a ribbon with an attached note that read "Dear God, please forgive me. I didn't mean to hurt her." Of course, while investigators secured the premises, David Brown was nowhere to be found. Later testimony determined that David Brown was trying to mastermind an alibi by shopping at a local convenience store while his young daughter was committing the murder.

Cinnamon Brown
Cinnamon Brown giving a testimony how her dad put her up to killing stepmom Linda Marie Brown.

Many people would wonder why David Brown, a seemingly happy married man, would try to convince his young and beautiful daughter to murder his beloved wife. As the trial played out, we learned exactly why. And of course, money has everything to do with it. David Brown, a true narcissist, was convinced that Linda and her brother were plotting his death in order to take over his money and riches. Because David was a hypochondriac and was convinced that he was too frail to commit such a heinous act, he manipulated both his daughter Cinnamon and his teenage mistress sister-in-law Patricia to commit the acts instead. David repeatedly told the two teenage girls that if they loved him, they'd do this (murder) for him. This is what we call evil and wicked psychological blackmail.

However, David Brown denied all of this, and because there was no physical evidence that he took part in the murder, he was set free to live his life the way he chose. While his own daughter sat in prison, David ventured to Orange County, California and bought himself a half-million dollar home. He was living quite comfortably by using the money he received from Linda's life insurance. Beyond that, David even went as far as to marry his teenage sister-in-law Patricia, who also was cleared by investigators for the crime.

Patricia Bailey, the younger sister of Linda Marie Brown
Patricia Bailey, the younger sister of Linda Marie Brown.

After quite some time and a stressful marriage, Patricia ended up turning against her husband and worked with investigators to make sure Cinnamon was not the only person going down for the crime. This is exactly what was needed, as investigators already knew that Cinnamon would have never turned to murdering her own stepmother by her own accord. She just wasn't the evil and vindictive type of child that she was portrayed as by her father.

In September of 1988, David was set to appear before a judge. Because of all the testimony from Cinnamon and Patricia, David was eventually charged with being the mastermind behind his wife's murder. He was convicted of murder and for setting up his own daughter to take the fall. David still maintained his innocence until he passed away from natural causes in March 2014. As for the two young ladies, both Cinnamon and Patricia were released from prison. Patricia got married to a prison guard upon her release, and Cinnamon tried to live a normal lifestyle outside of prison walls. However, tragedy struck Cinnamon yet again when her husband committed suicide.

David Brown
David Brown.

For more information regarding this story, check out the books titled "If You Really Loved Me" by Ann Rule and "A Killing in the Family". The Lifetime Channel also has a great series regarding the Brown story. It is titled "Love, Lies, and Murder."

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