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True Crime stories with rich visuals: pictures, audio and video. From well-known serial killers, to little-known, but often the most sinister and evil criminals. It does not matter if criminal minds are born or made, Bizarrepedia continues to study the darkest aspects of life and human nature.

“[The dilemma for the mainstream press is that] it is just the kind of story people love. People love sex scandals, and they are fascinated by sex murders. They love it when the murderer is a woman, especially a sleazy blonde... would not get this kind of attention if she were a homelier woman, or an older woman.”
Suanne Kelman on Karla Homolka

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John 'Pogo the Clown' Wayne Gacy.

John ‘Pogo the Clown’ Wayne Gacy.

  • John Wayne Gacy from 1972 to 1978, would sexually assault, torture and murder 33 young men and boys. 26 of his young victims he would bury in his crawl space under his house.
  • He would dress like a clown, named Pogo and perform at charitable services, fundraising events, parades, and children’s parties, thus earning himself the moniker of the ‘killer clown.’
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