Chijon family: The Korean Cannibal Family

Chijon Family: The Korean Cannibal Family

  • The hatred for the rich of society was so intense that the theu would do anything to bring them down — even cannibalism.
  • The family was sentenced to death for murdering five people with the only regret that they had not killed.

Kim Ki-hwan was a South Korean ex convict who had so much grudge against the rich of the society in his days. He had an unprecedented intense hatred for the rich of society and was so begrudged against them that he would do anything to bring them down.

With time, Kim Ki-hwan was able to liaise with six other people, who are either unemployed or ex convicts like himself. They all shared the same hatred and poisoned ideology against the rich. He had sold his ideology to them and they had bought it.

Kim Ki-hwan sort of made disciples of his friends who had come to believe in him.

Totalling eight in number, with one woman in their group, the gang set out in their quest on infliction of harm on the rich.

Chijon The Korean Cannibal Family.
Family members showing police how it was done.
Chijon The Korean Cannibal Family.


In 1993 the gang was named Mescan by Kim Ki-hwan, of course the gang later came to be known as the Chijon family. A notorious gang that terrorized the South Korean rich living in Seoul.

The gang was dedicated to the kidnapping and killing of the rich in ways unimaginably gruesome.


Anything that connoted wealth attracted them to hunt their victim. Fancy cars and expensive clothes and jewelries, attracted them to the one who had them on, and a general fancy lifestyle easily turns the victim into a fair game for the gang.

They would hunt such victim down until they abduct him or her and bring such unfortunate one to a painful end.

They were labelled the Chijon family by the prosecutors of the case.

The Chijon family as they later came to be known would abduct their rich victims and get in touch with their families to ask for ransom, and they were always paid.

But no matter how much these families and loved ones of the victims give away as ransom, these victims were never set free. They were rather treated in the most disrespectful of ways and finally killed.

In one of the cases, they were able to extort the lump sum of $100,000.00 from a particular victim's family at that time. Eventually, after collecting the huge ransom, they still killed and ate the victim.

The Chijon family derived pleasure from torturing their victims. Whenever they become bored with any of such victims and derive no more pleasure from torturing them, these victims were slaughtered, or shot, and burnt.

But these repulsive acts never stopped there.


After slaughtering their victims, the Chijon family members would cook them and eat in the most bizarre case of cannibalism at the time.

Their belief was that eating the flesh of their victims would give them courage, which is why Kim Ki-hwan named their gang Mescan in the first place at their formation, which was supposed to be for them, a Greek word that meant courage.

Of course one wonders why must have given them that idea or piece of information that the word Mescan connotes courage for there is no such word in the whole of the Greek vocabulary.

A point came when they decided they needed to be very sure they would make any mistakes in their abductions. By this time they had had a series of successful operations and collected a number of ransoms and had become more bold and daring. They had become the rich's undeserved nemesis in Seoul, South Korea.

So the Chijon family were able to secure the Hyundai garage's mailing list through a disgruntled and begrudged staff of the company who had sold out the comprehensive list to them.

It wasn't certain that the staff knew exactly what the list was gong to be used for in the hands of Kim Ki-hwan and his gang. But he gave it to them anyways.

The Hyundai garage Seoul, Korea, was a place for the elites and the society's richest and there was no more potent lethal tool to perfect the execution of their gory plans but the list in their hands.


Hunting their prey among the rich who patronized Hyundai garage store became very easy for them, and so their evil acts once more prevailed.

This was because the list was an open collection of their perfect targets.

On the list were about 1,200 names of the most active patrons of the Hyundai garage store. These customers were topping the chart for those who used credit cards for their purchases. They became sitting ducks for Kim Ki-hwan and his gang.

And so they continued with their unpopular trade, collecting ransoms, kidnapping, torturing, slaughtering, maiming, killing of their victims and of course in eating their flesh. Their ignominious deeds also included rape.

Chijon The Korean Cannibal Family.
Chijon The Korean Cannibal Family.

It would be noted that in their cabin, they had an incinerator. This they used in burning and cremating their victims. It is not clear from the eventual documentation of the case if they had at any time burnt any of their victims in the incinerator.

But it aided them to keep their tracks protected for every trace of remnant of bodies, corpses and incriminating effects were readily burnt to ashes in the incinerator.

In September 1994, the Chijon family abducted a woman who was taken to their infamous cabin for the same gruesome fate.

First of all she was viciously gang raped by the gang and forced to undergo a load of experiences that brought her emotional trauma.

She was forced to shoot another kidnapped victim in the head, made to hold another while she was killed by suffocation with a plastic bag.

According to her, this woman eventually escaped by an act that was beyond sheer luck, somewhat close to a miracle.

I believe it was this woman who escaped their inevitable death delivery that opened the can of worms concerning atrocious perpetrations of the infamous gang and they were subsequent rounded up and arrested, and sentenced to court for trial and eventual conviction.

The Verdict

On the first of November 1994, they were found guilty of murder, of burying a number of their victim's bodies on the hillsides, and sentenced to death for the murder of five people.

During their sessions of interrogation, one member admitted the fact that he ate a victim's flesh after having dismembered them. Of course he would not be the only one among the gang that practised cannibalism.

Family members forced to pose with their weapons.
Family members made to pose with their weapons.

However, in all their trials and in their subsequent conviction, the chijon family gang members never showed remorse for their atrocities and crime. They were brazen and made unrepentant statements with impunity.

The family of serial killers summarily had just one regret; not having killed more victims and not having eaten more human flesh. That to them, would have given them more satisfaction and fulfilment than any other thing possible could have.

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