A Blog of a Serial Killer

A Blog of a Serial Killer

Internet homicide isn’t something new – an act when a victim is lured unawarely into a death trap. John Edward Robinson attracted most of his post-1993 victims via on-line chat rooms, using an ominous nickname slavemaster. Through popular BDSM online chat rooms, he offered a job and a bondage relationship to Izabela Lewicka. A little later, the 21-year-old Polish immigrant was found with Suzette Trouten in two 85-pound chemical drums. Robinson is sometimes referred to as the Internet's first serial killer.

Andres Ceballos, who killed Jasmine Nunez, was using social media to make it appear as she was still alive. Because Ceballos took his own life, both killer and victim left behind a trail of tweets and Facebook status updates, which are now part of an ever-growing virtual graveyard. Ceballos was dubbed as The Facebook Killer.

Then there was Lacey Spears, a blogger mom who poisoned her son to death, all that while posting pictures and updates to her Facebook, looking for compassion.

And Sharon Lopatka, who spent several weeks searching the Internet for the right man, who would arrange her own sexual torture and murder. Leaving a suicide note behind for her husband: "If my body is never found, don’t worry, now that I’m at peace."

Joseph E. Duncan III: Serial Killer and Blogger

And above all, Joseph Edward Duncan III (pictured above and below), an American convicted serial killer and pedophile, who is on death row. Duncan was an avid blogger, who was blogging while trying to steer away from crime, while committing crimes and even when on death row.

Joseph E. Duncan III
Joseph Duncan luring his young victim

Most of his victims were young girls and boys, whom he sexually assaulted and killed afterward. The incurable man started his path of crime when he was just 15 years old, when he raped a nine-year-old boy at gunpoint in 1978 in his hometown of Tacoma, Washington.

In and out of prison, the violent sexual predator continued to prey on the weakest. Prior to his arrest for murder and getting a death sentence, Duncan was blogging about his day-to-day life as a sex offender, particularly about the frustration of the requirement for sex offenders to participate in a public registry. He named his blog The Fifth Nail, getting the title from a lore: In addition to the four nails used to pierce the body of Jesus Christ in his crucifixion, there was a fifth nail that was taken away and hidden by Romani.

In July 2005, bloggers noticed similarities between Duncan and the composite sketch in one of his victims, Martinez case, as well as between Duncan's and the suspected vehicle. The blog is still there, available to read. He even started a new blog, called Fifth Nail Revelations, writing the entries by hand and mailing them to the ghost blogger, who then posts them as written.

Joseph E. Duncan III
Many faces of Joseph Duncan...
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