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bi·zarre      /bə-ˈzär/

1. markedly unusual in appearance, style, or general character and often involving incongruous or unexpected elements; outrageously or whimsically strange; odd

Because sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction... from shrunken heads, auto-erotic strangulation and cult leaders to post-mortem staging, circus freaks and human oddities. Because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; truth is not.

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Satanic Ritual & Day-Care Sex Abuse Hysteria

Satanic Ritual & Day-Care Sex Abuse Hysteria

  • The panic gripped the public’s imagination and saw many day-care providers charged with child abuse of a Satanic, ritualistic nature.
  • The investigators had plied the children with leading questions, extreme interrogation methods and hypnosis in which false memories were planted in the children to suit the story they wanted to hear. Many innocent people served prison time as their worlds were turned upside down.
Bizarre, Morbid Reality, Crime
Patty Hearst & Stockholm Syndrome: When Victims form a bond with their perpetrators

Patty Hearst & Stockholm Syndrome: When Victims Form a Bond With Their Perpetrators

  • A syndrome named after a failed bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • The hostages are certain they are going to die and experience a powerful, primitive positive feeling towards their captor – in their mind, they think this is the person who is going to let them live.
Bizarre, Crime
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