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bi·zarre      /bə-ˈzär/

1. markedly unusual in appearance, style, or general character and often involving incongruous or unexpected elements; outrageously or whimsically strange; odd

Because sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction... from shrunken heads, auto-erotic strangulation and cult leaders to post-mortem staging, circus freaks and human oddities. Because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; truth is not.

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The Silent Twins, who shut themselves off from the world with their secret language and became criminals

The Silent Twins, Who Shut Themselves Off From the World With Their Secret Language and Became Criminals

  • The twins refused to talk to anyone but each other, and then only in their own personal ‘cryptophasia’ – or secret twin language.
  • As they grew up, the complicated love-hate relationship culminated to multiple incidents where they attempted to murder each other.
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