Exclusive List of The Best True Crime Blogs and Websites

Exclusive List of the Best True Crime Blogs and Websites

  • A periodically updated, curated list of the best true crime blogs and websites

Below is the list of best handpicked true crime related blogs, sites, and resources, which Bizarrepedia gives its blessing. Have fun on your journey!


A blog dedicated to true crime in every format. The cases covered range from murder to missing persons, and the site's owner readily welcomes suggestions of cases readers would like to see covered. Laura, the blog's owner, has always had a passion for true crime, so you can expect each post to be filled with the same interest and enthusiasm, no matter what the case.

True Crime Truant

This Forensic Files fan blog offers weekly posts with epilogues and other new information about episodes of the TV docu-series. The website also features analysis and Q&A’s with people involved in the cases.


A virtual cabinet of curiosities. Navigate yourself to Mysteries section and experience the K-hole.


Must read if you're on Tumblr! From true crime, unsolved mysteries to paranormal and history!

Killers Without Conscience

Really worth a read! Great job discussing the pathology behind a criminal mind and other bizarre things. The stories are easy to read and fascinating, only wish she would post more often.

Investigating Crimes

Website dedicated to exploring the criminal minds and unmasking their real faces. From gruesome murders to unsolved cases still haunting the nation, you'll learn what are the criminal minds made of.

Crime Traveller

Good resource if you're interested in what's behind the criminal behavior and forensic psychology. Crime Traveller is a journey through criminality!


A real court case junkie, good reviews and updates about interesting court cases.

Historical Crime Detective

Forgotten crimes and forgotten criminals lost to history. Good resource if you're interested in little known historical events.

True Crime Diva

A personal opinion-based (of Diva) blog, discussing cases around the world. Great read even if you already know about the cases.

True Crime Reader

Favorite source for true crime book reviews. The author, Emily Webb, has published 2 books on her own too.


Of course my own site Bizarrepedia, where I study and observe the darkest aspects of life and human nature.

The Line Up

The Line Up is about historical crimes, real ghost stories, and the scariest book recommendations with a great newsletter twice a week.


CrimeCon 2017

The website of CrimeCon (2017) – a convention for all things true crime – which is being held from June 9-11th 2017 at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis. A celebration of all things true crime, CrimeCon brings the cases you love to life through immersive experiences, incredible guests, and a ton of mystery and intrigue. It was created for those of us who binged on Making a Murderer or who spend more hours watching ID and Dateline than we'd like to admit.

Write a prisoner

Interested in getting the side of the story from an inmate? – write them. The website helps prison pen-pals receive letters from free world pen-pals. I can't be sure what are the motives of people using this site, I'm sure there are many bizarre ones, but a wonderful site nevertheless.

MurderMap UK

The map of murder locations in London from the era of Jack the Ripper.

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The list will be updated periodically. Meanwhile, you can check out the best true crime podcasts and true crime documentaries.

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