Benjamin Kyle: A man without indentity

Benjamin Kyle: A Man Without Indentity

Who is Benjamin Kyle and why has nobody recognized him despite being on TV and news all over the world? He has little recollection of his life before 2004. Benjamin is a man without identity and memory, keen to solve the secret just like anyone else, being the only American citizen officially listed as missing despite his whereabouts being known.

Discovery of Benjamin Kyle

On August 31, 2004 at 5:00 am, Benjamin was discovered behind a dumpster of a Burger King. He was unconscious, sun-burnt, and naked. He had three depressions in his skull that appeared to have been caused by blunt force trauma and red ant bites all over his body. He was diagnosed with dissociative amnesia by doctors, since he had no documents, he was recorded in hospital records as Burger King Doe. It seems like Benjamin Kyle is from an alternate universe and was dumped here as an experiment of sorts.

Known facts about Benjamin:

1) I remember riding the outside elevator of the building that housed the “Top of the Rockies” restaurant so tha) I could see the roof of the Denver Theatre.

2) I remember buying a gas valve from a supplier of parts for commercial stoves in Denver.

3) I remember being in the Lobby of the Indiana Theatre in Indianapolis.

4) I remember the best Mexican restaurant in Denver being “Mama Elena’s.

5) I remember looking at the outside of the Fountain Square Theatre in Indianapolis.

6) I remember the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Downtown Indianapolis.

7) I remember the war protesters having a candlelight vigil on Xmas eve at Monument Circle in Indianapolis.

8) I remember the best salad bar in Denver was Azar’s restaurants and them having the worst service.

9) I remember Elitch Gardens when it was on West 44th.

10) I remember “Big Mac” Arena looking like a giant flying saucer perched on a bluff just west of downtown Denver.

11) I remember the old Bronco football field in Denver with the movable bleacher stands that could move so as to convert the field to a baseball stadium.

12) I remember the Dollar Movies at the Federal, Crest, Oriental and the Gothic Threatres in Denver.

13) I remember sitting in the library of the University of Colorado in Boulder reading bound copies of Restaurant and institutions magazine.

14) I remember the construction of the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder.

15) I remember the “Round the Corner” restaurant on the “Hill” in Boulder.

16) I remember the “Peak to Peak” highway in Colorado.

17) I remember the Big Thompson Canyon Flood in 1976.

19) I remember Gold Hill mining town.

19) I remember the East Portal of the Moffitt RR tunnel.

20) I remember the “Oh My God” road behind Central city, Colo.

21) I remember the Central City Opera House.

21) I remember the July 4th Blood, Sweat and Tears concert with the DSO at Red Rocks in 1976.

22) I remember Burger Chef and Sani-Serv Headquartered in Indianapolis.

DNA testing & Colleen Fitzpatrick

An American forensic genealogist Colleen Fitzpatrick offered Benjamin help to find out his relatives using DNA, but in February 2015, Fitzpatrick reported that Benjamin had cut off all contact with her, just after she was coming close to finding a DNA match. Internet imminently started to discuss the possibility of Benjamin not wanting to resolve the mystery. On his personal public Facebook wall, Benjamin writes:

When Fitzpatrick first contacted me I gave her access to my DNA accounts with Family Tree DNA and 23andme.

I broke off contact with Fitzpatrick when she changed the contact information to my DNA accounts from me to herself.

When I changed the passwords someone from California created a "Denial of Service" attack against both of my DNA accounts. It took me several months to change the E-mail address for those accounts. I created an E-Mail account and address just for my DNA accounts and I have been very careful about giving that E-mail address out.

Colleen Fitzpatrick has had a law firm send out letters to the DNA volunteers threatening them with a lawsuit if they continued to reasearch my DNA.

Fitzpatrick is attempting stop anyone from investigating my identity because she wants to be the person who solves it and then write a book.

Benjamin claims Colleen Fitzpatrick is only interested in helping him in order to get fame and money.

Benjamin Kyle Facebook profile photo
Benjamin Kyle Facebook profile photo.
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