Back in 2 minutes: 25 years after still missing

Back in 2 Minutes: 25 Years After Still Missing

Mystery surrounds what happened to an antique dealer Trevaline Evans who vanished 25 years ago after leaving a note saying she would be back in two minutes. The shopkeeper disappeared without a trace after putting the handwritten note in the door of her shop in Llangollen, north-east Wales. Her husband Richard Evans passed away in 2014, leaving him in uncertainty what happened to his beloved wife.

On the day she went missing, Trevaline left her shop, at about 12.40 PM, leaving the note on the door. At about 1 PM, she purchased an apple and a banana and was seen crossing Castle Street. It is thought she may have returned to her shop at this point as a banana skin was found in a waste bin there though it was impossible to know whether it was the one bought that day. The last confirmed sighting of Trevaline was close to her home on Market Street at 2.30 PM. There were two more suspected sightings of Trevaline later on the day of her vanishing, although both are unconfirmed.

Trevaline Evans, back in 2 minutes
Antique dealer Trevaline Evans disappeared after placing a note in her shop door saying she would be back in two minutes
Trevaline Evans' Attic Antiques is on the Church Street now today
This is how the Attic Antiques on the Church Street looks like, according to Google Street View
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