Brutal "Highway Killer" Adam Leroy Lane

Brutal “Highway Killer” Adam Leroy Lane

  • Adam carried two knives, a choke wire and a DVD in his truck on stalking and killing humans entitled “Hunting Humans”.
  • The killer killed seemingly random people in a peaceful town of Bloomsbury, New Jersey.

On July 29th, 2007 – Monica Massaro, a beautiful 38-year-old blonde was getting ready for bed after a day of hard work running her own house cleaning business. Massaro was a single, free-spirited, and independent woman lived in the quiet 850 persons populated town of Bloomsbury, New Jersey. Bloomsbury was a quaint neighborhood. The Victorian-style houses, easy access to the major highways, and safe feeling that the town brought upon visitors was one of the main reasons Massaro decided to reside in the charming community in the first place.

Little did Massaro know, that while she was putting on her pajamas, brushing her teeth, removing her makeup, and getting ready for a peaceful night of sleep, a vicious, evil, and demented serial killer was lurking the area for homes with easy access.

A Victorian-style house
A charming Victorian-style house in Bloomsbury, New Jersey.

Adam Leroy Lane, a truck driver that was dubbed the “Highway Killer” stopped at the local Bloomsbury T&A Truck Stop for a quick bite to eat. While resting at the truck stop, Lane began to feel an overwhelming urge to kill. He left his truck parked at the rest stop, started walking equipped with sharp knives, and ventured into the tiny community of beautiful picturesque homes. Lane began eyeing each house he passed, making sure to stray from homes that had lights on or that had the presence of dogs. Lane quickly stumbled upon Massaro’s home. The lights were off, there was no barking or signs of beastly dogs, and the door was unlocked.

Monica Massaro
Monica Massaro

While Massaro was getting ready for sleep, Lane entered the home. He walked into her kitchen, noticed her car keys on the table, quickly exited the home, used the keys to unlock her vehicle, and began rummaging through her purse and personal belongings that were located inside the vehicle. Upon stealing a couple of Massaro's personal items that were located inside the car, he then quickly re-entered Massaro's home. While there, he ventured to the doorway of Massaro's unlit bedroom while she was entering the bedroom from another doorway.

At first, Lane claimed that Massaro did not notice him. However, after a couple of seconds, Massaro began screaming and panicking. Lane quickly threw Massaro on the bed to restrain her and quiet her panicking screams by placing his hands over her mouth. Massaro fought back, biting Lane on the hand and pleading for her life. From there, Lane took his sharpest knife, slit her throat, and began mutilating her almost lifeless body. He savagely cut her abdomen, thighs, and breasts. While Massaro lay there dying, Lane ripped a necklace off of her body and made his quick escape.

He walked all the way back to the truck stop where his truck was parked, drove a couple of minutes away, parked the vehicle yet again, and tried to get some rest. Lane woke the next day, traveled to Chelmsford, Massachusetts, and continued his crime spree. Except this attempt would be his last. On July, 30th, while in Chelmsford, Lane broke into a seemingly quiet home in the late evening hours. He entered the bedroom of a 15-year-old girl and began to attack her physically. Her parents awoke from the sound of their child screaming and subdued Lane until police arrived.

Adam Leroy Lane was arrested during the late evening hours of July, 30th, 2007. While in police questioning, Lane admitted to the murder of Monica Massaro. He also admitted to the murder of Darlene Ewalt from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, who he brutally stabbed and killed on July 13th, 2007 while Ewalt was talking on the phone in her backyard. Upon further questioning, Lane also admitted to the attempted murder of Patricia Brooks from York County, Pennsylvania on July 17th.

With investigators needing for more evidence, Lane’s truck was under immediate scrutiny. After all, this is where he spent most of his waking hours. Upon searching through the vehicle, investigators discovered Monica Massaro’s stolen necklace, large knives, bloody gloves, a copy of the movie Hunting Humans, and copious amounts if wire rope. The movie Hunting Humans that was located in Lane’s truck ended up playing quite a significant role in the case. Because this film literally taught viewers how to murder, it ended up helping psychologists, investigators, and other professionals get a glimpse inside the mind of sick and twisted Lane.

Adam's truck
A DVD Hunting Humans by the passengers seat and a large survival knife on the seat.
The cover art of the movie Hunting Humans
The cover art of the movie Hunting Humans.

Lane received a 30-year sentence in the state of Massachusetts for his final attack on the teenage girl. In the state of New Jersey, Lane received a 50-year sentence for the murder of Monica Massaro. Lane pled guilty in the state of Pennsylvania for the murder of Darlene Ewalt. Because of his plea, he avoided the death penalty. He also received an additional 10-20 years for the attempted murder of Patricia Brooks from York County. Currently, Lane is serving his time at SCI Fayette.

Both the living and deceased victims of Lane have had their stories told on popular television shows, including Dateline NBC, 48 Hours Mystery, and Nightmare Next Door.

Adam Leroy Lane
The Beast: Adam Leroy Lane.
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