About Bizarrepedia, The Morbid Curiosity Blog

About Bizarrepedia, the Morbid Curiosity Blog

The daily dose of morbid curiosity. Bizarrepedia is about unsavory, unwise, unorthodox, and unusual – the darkest aspects of life and human nature – a place where curiosity and common sense collide. We sure are compelled by horrible things. Share your dark curiosity with fellow true crime enthusiasts!

Also, it pays to take notice of the dangers that could threaten one's survival. Start your journey to all things dark and interesting.

Want to write a true crime or story, advertise, promote your book or just say hi? – – send all you want here!

The visitors of Bizarrepedia

How many readers does Bizarrepedia have? 140,000 a month, with around 300,000 pageviews.

Where are they from? The majority are from the English-speaking world: 60% United States, 10% United Kingdom, 7% Canada, 4% Australia, 4% Germany.

What else can I say? I love them all. Quantcast and SimilarWeb have the verified data.

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I've also built a site called Yeblon with all sort of tools to make life easier to maintain Bizarrepedia. It’s for text-editing such as changing text case, generating QR codes etc. I guess you can go and check it out. Or just stay here.

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